Wilshire Homes

Buying a Wilshire home is a unique and exciting experience. We pride ourselves on understanding customers better than any other home builder. From personalizing your new home’s design to selecting the finishing touches, everything we do is Built Around You. It’s the philosophy our company was founded on — and why Wilshire is the best choice you can make for your new home.

Our unique approach makes the home building experience exciting and memorable. We see it as an opportunity for you to discover what really makes your family tick — how you work, play, and live. Every step of the way we’ll be there for you, making it easy — even fun — to build a home that’s perfect for your lifestyle.

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You come to Teravista™ for a reason, an incredible home and first-class lifestyle with an impeccable attention to detail found throughout. Remarkable architecture and landscaping, high-caliber recreation and Golf Club*, and a diverse collection of new homes and neighborhoods. It helps create an active, thriving community where everything you need is within reach, allowing neighbors to easily become friends. You may come for how Teravista looks, but you’ll stay for how it lives.

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