Massage Heights

At Massage Heights, each massage you receive decreases the average dollar amount you spend. Every time you visit, you receive a professional massage by a licensed, experienced Massage Therapist, not a student. We choose only the most reputable Massage Therapists in the business. You’ll experience an atmosphere that’s comfortable, not clinical, with calming music and compromised cleanliness.

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Amazing Relief Chiropractic

We welcome everyone. The doctor is trained to treat newborns to elderly and everyone in between. Dr. Heather Hamilton, an exuberant Chiropractor, provides amazing relief for your pain and discomfort. Dr. Hamilton has vast experience working with personal injuries, sports injuries, muscle and spinal rehabilitation and general health care needs. Dr. Hamilton received a Bachelor of Science in Human Anatomy and a Doctor of Chiropractic from the world renown Parker College of Chiropractic.

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Serenity Massage

If you’re looking for ultimate relaxation and a healthier you – you’ve come to the right place. At SERENITY MASSAGE you will recieve a relaxing therapeutic treatment. I am committed to your comfort and well-being.

Massage has been found to improve circulation, joint range-of-motion and flexibility. It can reduce many common ailments such as stress, muscle tightness, aches and pains – even anxiety and depression.

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