Y2K Nails & Spa

Y2K Nails & Spa
1700 East Palm Valley Blvd.

Suite 510
Round Rock,TX 78664


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Monday – Saturday – 9am – 7pm
Sunday 11am – 6pm

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0 Thoughts to “Y2K Nails & Spa”

  1. JC

    This place is full of scam artist! Beware, they tried to scam me and I called them out on it. They then charged my card the wrong amount and said they would refund. They showed me a refund, but when I saw my statement they had overcharged me by $20. Another lady was arguing as well becuase they said she had the spa pedicure and she never asked for that, just the regular pedicure. The manicurist then said, no, regular is only paint on toes. Please stay away!

  2. Brittany

    I totally love this place! These ladies are so sweet and totally take care of me! Cathy is such a great owner and she gives the best pedicures and everything! I come here so often they pretty much know how I like my nails and toes to be done! They never do me wrong and always friendly I will never go anywhere else (:

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