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  1. Jennifer

    I have been a loyal customer of Lien’s Alterations for over 4 years. Since I am 5’2″ I frequently need things altered and everything has always turned out terrific. However, today I went to have a white swimsuit top modified so that it wouldn’t be as see-through anymore. Either having an extra lining sewn in or a very thin padding or anything else she might suggest. I was informed that she would not do the alteration and that I should do it myself. I asked “so you are saying I should go to JoAnn Fabrics and do this myself?” and she said “yes”. I then asked “so you are saying there is nothing that you can do and you want me to do it myself?” and she replied “yes”. I even repeated this a few times because I was flabbergasted by the response and I wanted to make sure she understood what I was asking. She even held up padding pretty much just like what I was wanting and showed me that is what I should buy. Really???? I have never been told by a professional to do something myself and turn away business like that. It’s like going to get an oil change done and the dealership says they won’t do it and you should go to pep boys to get the oil and do it yourself. I used to recommend them to several of my friends. They just lost a loyal customer and any referrals also.

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