One Way Baptist Church

During the month of February 1996, God called His servant Bernard Buhl to establish a church in Round Rock. With these instructions and a faith sure to please God, March 1996 marks the dawn of the One Way Baptist Church (OWBC). The first worship service and communion was held on March 3, 1996 in the living room of Pastor and Sheila Buhl at 1522 Latigo Trace. On that special Sunday, OWBC received her first members. OWBC then moved to 1301 E. Main Street in Round Rock, a converted carport that was the home of one of the current members. At this location regular Sunday Morning Worship and Wednesday Night Bible Study/Prayer services were conducted weekly. In April 1996, OWBC submitted a Constitution and was registered and recognized as a formal church.

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Sweet Home Baptist Church

From the rural farming town of Sprinkle, Texas, just nine miles northeast of Austin, the Reverend S. W. Wormley traveled to Round Rock to become the first pastor of the second black Baptist church. Upon arriving in the city named for the large anvil-shaped limestone rock in Brushy Creek, he met with a committee of area religious leaders: the Rev. L. L. Campbell, Moderator; Rev. Sam Clark, Vice Moderator; Rev. Archie Shackles, and Deacon Davis of Taylor. That was January 8, 1905.

These leaders led twenty-two enthusiastic Christians, former members of the Good Hope Baptist Church to organize. At her conception, Bro. Mitchell Mays donated the land and befittingly named this new assembly, Sweet Home Baptist Church. This “sweet” haven securely bound the members in unity to support their spiritual, educational, social, political and cultural needs. Sweet Home’s wealth of “all things common” was and remains a testimony of God’s grace, mercy and provision.

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