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I am a solo freelance designer who provides a wide range of design services (both print and web). My degree is in Graphic Design (BFA, Magna Cum Laude), and I used to work at a design agency before starting my own freelance business, so I have both formal education and actual agency experience behind me. I have both Mac and PC platforms to work from, and am quite comfortable with both. My preferred programs are Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver from the Adobe Creative Suite 3, though I am proficient in others as well. As a freelancer, my hours are flexible, so I am nearly always available via phone or email – communication is not a problem. I believe (and have been told) that I have a good sense of humor and am easy to deal with. I prefer to work on a project-fee basis rather than hourly.

Amanda Cobb


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My style has been called many things. Refined. Professional. Uncluttered. Elegant. Simple in the best of ways. My favorite description to date is “sophisticated, but with an edge.” I think that sums it up very well. Anything more specific would change from project to project. If the project allows or calls for it, I have also been known to be a bit quirky and/or funky.

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